At last: High-end Software Development that doesn’t cost the Earth

Got a project? AgileFind grants you access to the best development teams in Central & Eastern Europe.

Outstanding-quality custom software


Prices 30-60% lower than the UK average


Educated, experienced developers - in Europe


True end-to-end service


How it works?

  • Tell us about your project

  • Receive free quotes

  • Plan together

  • Your ideas come to life

Why choose Agilefind?

  • Thorough Experience

    We've been involved with Distributed Software Projects for nearly 20 years.
    We know what works, and we'll make the process as simple and rewarding for you as possible.

  • Adding value ‐ right out of the box

    Our partners deliver useful, working software faster.
    Using lean development methods, emphasis is placed on deliver value as soon as possible.

  • Free quotes and consultations

    There's no reason you should pay to make an enquiry.
    Tell us about your project to benefit from free quotes, free consultations and free expert advice ‐ without obligation.

  • Local knowledge

    We work with some of the best creative & technical talent in Europe.
    From us you get the best quotes from carefully chosen teams – teams with a proven track record of developing outstanding‐quality custom software.

Our partners

Poland – Latvia – Lithuania – Estonia – Czech – Slovakia – Hungary – Romania – Croatia – Slovenia – Bulgaria

Best 5 from each country

We connect you to the best, hand picked, vetted and tested software companies.
All of them are experienced teams and
have worked for Western European clients

Real teams

We work with high performing teams which have already formed and normed.
Our partners are just the right size: they are big enough to have enough knowledge and capacity but small enough to stay agile and efficient.


Full product lifecycle:
business analysis, minimum viable product definition, feature specification, user experience and research, graphic design, development, maintenance

Technologies & methodologies

We know the top experts in
– Ruby, Scala, Java, Javascript, AngularJs, .Net …
– Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, ..
– MongoDB, Mysql, PostgreSql, Oracle NoSql …
– Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
– Continuous Integration, Deployment and Automated tests
– Agile and Lean, Scrum



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Peter Petrovics Founder

Peter ran his software house in Hungary for more than 9 years.
He launched several successful start-ups.
He was a consultant at ThoughtWorks London for 4 years

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